Our first official homestead presentation

Recently, Paul and I had the pleasure of speaking at our local SubUrban Farm and Garden Expo. We met so many wonderful people and had so much fun talking to our neighbors about our journey of homesteading. If I can do this (and make cheese) for a living, I think I would be the happiest person in the universe.  My talk was about what homesteading is and what you can do in the suburbs (homestead in the suburbs…get it) and Paul’s talk was about seed starting and garden planning.  Both talks went very well and we had lots of people stopping by our booths to continue asking questions or just saying hi!

There were many booths set up including our very good friends from Hidden Farm. There was also a local bakery, local bee keepers and lots of King County booths. One of the county booths was about noxious weeds and how to rid/coexist with them. I asked them, if I had all of the above on their display in my garden, did I win anything? They gave me a nervous smile and their pamphlet, everyone chuckled. I am sure they felt my pain–stinking buttercups!

Paul and I met a local beekeeper and confirmed our passion and desire to learn the art of beekeeping and honey production. For the longest time, we believed (based on a class Paul took, given by a professor at the University of Washington) that we were not allowed to keep bees. Now, we are not sure and need to learn the laws better. In the meantime, Shelby, the amazing beekeeper has offered us to learn from her and help her co-manage her hive(s).

Beekeeping is an art. There is a lot to learn and can it can be an expensive hobby.  We feel very fortunate to be under Shelby’s wing, helping us learn a new skill.  She allowed me to scrape the wax off her existing honeycomb and collect honey into a mesh cloth/jar set up, for us to take home.  I am not sure if its because I collected it, but I haven’t tasted better honey.  Needless to say, we are beyond excited and hopeful about adding a beehive to our homestead.

Here are our presentations…lots of pictures!

Renton Suburban Presentation–Lina

2018 Suburban Farm & Garden Expo–Paul


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