May showers bring June flowers??

It seems like this spring has been exceptionally wet!  The last few days have been nice and sunny. Perhaps too hot for humans and rabbits but the tomatoes and the rest of the  garden is enjoying the heat.  We took a gamble and put our starts into the ground about three weeks too early this year.  The hope is with all this sun, they will finally start to grow.  The cool thing about our tomatoes this year, even though they are super pathetic looking, they are not as spindly as usual.  Hopefully what they lack in height they make up in girth 🙂

We are already on the second seeding of radishes, lettuces and spinach.  Boy does the salad taste better when it is straight from the garden!! My mouth waters simply from typing these words…

Here are some pics to summarize our last month here on the homestead!  Lots happening.  Bunnies are growing, chickens are broody, garden is fresh and green!

Baby bunnies are five weeks old as of yesterday and will be ready to re-home in a few weeks–they are super cute!  Let us know if you are interested in a cute bunny!  We can provide the whole set up–local peeps only!

Honey (meat bunny) is bred and if all goes well–she should kindle on the 14th of June!

Debbie our ever broody hen is sitting on eggs…so far 4 chicken and 3 quail eggs.  We will be getting her a few more eggs to sit on today.  We don’t know if the eggs are fertile so we hope that we can hatch at least a few.  As for quail–we are experimenting.  Chicks should hatch on between June 2nd and 4th.

The plants in the green house are looking WAY better than outside!

Our eggplants NEVER looked this good in 7 years we have been trying to grow them.
Big bush thing is strawberry spinach–its absolutely delicious. We enjoy it in salad and smoothies. The plant next to it is a ground cherry, it has flowers…hopefully we will try the fruit this year.
Second planting of radishes. It took them 3 days to germinate vs. a week in March–yay for heat!
Cucumbers are finally growing!

The perennial garden looks great!

Maximizing space, plating garlic and onions with strawberries

Beans! and some potted stuff
Our two sister garden…corn and squash and the ugly unwanted relatives…weeds!! The plan is to pull as many weeds as we can and cover with woodchips

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