Fall Soups!!

Tis’ the season to enjoy some hearty fall soups. Through the next week, I will be posting our family’s favorite soup recipes. These are all of my “own” recipes, so I apologize for the lack of precise measurements (I am not good at cooking that way). If there is something you don’t like, leave it out or substitute it. If on the contrary, there is something you love–double the amount, especially if it is bacon, you can never have too much bacon!! Almost all of the soups I share can be easily made vegetarian or vegan.

Butternut Squash Soup:


Squash are everywhere this season–stock up, they keep well and make delicious soups and compliment other dishes well!


Not all squashes are created equal–I personally only use butternut, red kuri and blue hubbard squashes for soup. I love delicata, acorn and kabocha squashes but in my opinion, those are better roasted.

1 or 2 Butternut squashes, depending on size and the amount of desired soup, seeded and gutted. Chickens go nuts for this stuff! Also, squash and pumpkin seeds can be washed and roasted or dried for planting next year.


2-3 medium potatoes

1-2 medium carrots

Chicken broth (or veggie broth or water) This really depends on the amount of squash you have.  if you are blending, and you have used up all your broth, add water to make the blending experience easier.

Bacon (optional, add as much or as little as you wish)

Roast the squash, carrots and potatoes at 350 degrees until they get soft. In the meantime, in the pot you will be cooking your soup, cook the bacon. Get it to the consistency you enjoy (super crunchy for me), remove the bacon pieces (don’t worry, you will use for topping the dish, when serving) leaving the fat trimmings in the pot. Once the vegetables are soft to a poke with a knife, place them in the bacon pot and cover with chicken broth (I often use water). There should be enough broth (or water) to have the veggies float. Cook until the veggies are super soft. Cool and blend. Because I add potatoes, my soups are creamy enough for us, therefore I do not add cream. If for some reason you don’t like potatoes, remove them and add cream…or not, and enjoy it as is. Once blended, I place the soup back into the pot and stick into the fridge overnight. Before serving it, I skim off all the fat (from the bacon). Doing this, I remove A LOT of fat but I am keeping that bacon-y flavor. Heat the soup up and serve. Garnish with bacon bits and roasted pumpkin seeds.

Easy and delicious!  Please stay tuned, as I have many more recipes to follow!  Finally, we are getting around to using our “Recipe” tab 🙂

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