It’s Spring…wait it’s February

It has been a mild winter…our plants are confused. I see buds and flowers out already along with an incredible amount of bugs. It is going to be a crazy year for insects, so start thinking on how to protect yourself from pesky bugs (mosquitoes) and garden munchers.

This is our garden on February 4th. I hope a good frost is not around the corner, it will be sad to see these freeze.

spring6  Volunteer onion leftover from last year

spring4 Sorrel is coming back to life…can’t wait to harvest enough greens to make green borscht

spring5 This believe it or not, is our asparagus patch–there is lots of work ahead of us.

spring7 spring our rhubarb and strawberry patch–mmmmm,pie!

spring2 Mint!  We add mint to our tea, excellent on a cold day or as part of “aqua fresca” be it with lemon, peaches or strawberries

spring8 Our early girl blueberry bush–too early, hopefully the bugs that are out will have a chance to pollinate but I am not holding my breath.

So excited to see all of these, except the poor blueberry plant.  Spring is near–time to get the tools and the gardening galoshes out!




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