New Year, new ideas and projects

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Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Happy Kwanzaa! Happy Winter!  Whatever your holiday was, we hope that you had a wonderful holiday season surrounded by family and friends! We wish you health, happiness, joy and of course, sustainability!
It is hard to believe that today is New Year’s eve–this year really flew by and what  fun-filled year it was.  A new baby, a beautiful vegetable garden, meat birds, and a new chicken run.  We had fun canning, freezing, drying, crafting, blogging and trying to live off the land.  We are humbled by our experiences and learned a ton!   
We don’t generally make new years resolutions, we tend to set goals.  Here is what we hope to accomplish for 2015
  • Paul: learn how to hunt with his uncle and supply us with elk.
  • Paul: Fish more!!
  • Paul and Lina: get a hoop house up and ready to plant a garden in early spring.
  • Paul: dig one more garden bed and utilize Paul’s mom’s garden for additional gardening real estate.
  • Paul and Lina: plant our own starts–and actually use them.
  • Lina: learn how to sew on a sewing machine.
  • Lina: spend more time with our children, outside–digging in the dirt.
  • Paul and Lina: try to not buy “stuff” and barter as much as we can (it’s fun and amazing what you can get)
  • Paul and Lina: plant an herb garden, utilize more herbs in cooking and vinegar making.
  • Lina: plant a medicinal herb garden.
  • Lina: hatch chicks from eggs and document the whole experience.
  • Paul and Lina: start homeschooling our kiddos.
Happy New Year!  We hope that you enjoyed reading our blog.  Thank you for sharing our journey to becoming self sustainable!!  May 2015 be a great year and treat all of you well!!

happy new year

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